A Beginners Guide To Opening Mail: Part One

You’ve filed your taxes and paid all tax due.

Perhaps you’ve even received a refund.  Then on a mundane Friday afternoon you find a letter from the IRS tucked between your latest edition of Good Housekeeping and the water bill.  Your heart starts pounding and your palms begin to sweat.  Oh no!  You’re on their radar!

The panic builds as you consider the possibilities.  There was an error and you are about to lose your house.  Maybe you’ll go to prison- you can’t go to prison!  Who will feed the dog?  No, that can’t be right.  Did they find out about that CASH you made babysitting in 1982?  Certainly there must be a statute of limitations…but what about interest and penalties?

First, take a deep breath.  Good.  Now, stop talking to yourself on the driveway and bring the mail into the house.  Your neighbors are going to think you’re weird.  Are you in the house now? There we go; that wasn’t so bad, right?

Here comes the tough part.  Open the letter.  Yes, I know it’s scary.  I understand the desire to shove it into a drawer.  Resist the temptation to run away and please: Open. The. Letter.

I cannot begin to explain how many folks come into my office, dark circles of worry under their eyes with still-sealed letters.  Often, the letter is no big deal.  A change of address notice, or a request for a clearer copy of a document.

In the coming posts we will outline some of the most common reasons the IRS will send letters (in our experience) as well as offer up some tips and suggestions.

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