The Human Calculator

It’s time that I come clean.  My name is Jamie, and I can’t do long sums in my head.

It’s true; confession is good for the soul!

As an accountant, there is an assumption that whenever people speak numbers, even in casual conversation, I am running a tab in my mind.  When a pause arrives, folks will look at me and say “What does that come to?”.  Um…… beats me!

Now, in the dark ages this may have been a vocational deficiency; however, thanks to the abacus, adding machine, Microsoft Excel and now even my cell phone, I am able to work around this apparent handicap and operate as a fully functional member of the accounting community.

That said, I fear my induction to the accounting hall of fame may include an asterisk.  Much like the baseball player for performance enhancing drugs; I will forever be marked by use of a performance enhancing ten-key.

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