The IRS Doesn’t Need any More Music

The IRS is still old-fashioned

This morning I watched a local news story in utter disbelief.  A couple was featured who had been scammed with yet another IRS Phishing scheme.  The fact that individuals devoid of morals would invoke the IRS in an attempt to fleece folks of their money was not what had me choking on my breakfast blend.  No, it was the fact that the couple admitted to purchasing iTunes gift cards to pay the “agent”.  Everything about the contact screamed fraud; yet this young-ish couple fell victim.

How could any functional adult be fooled so easily?  The fear of the IRS.  That’s how.

The Big Bad IRS

I see clients all the time who are afraid of the IRS coming after them.  The interesting thing is that it is these are individuals who follow the law, report their income, and pay their taxes in full and on time.  It seems the rumor mill has fueled the fear monster that the IRS is “out to get” good, hardworking taxpayers.

Here are the things you need to know:

  1. The IRS will NEVER text you. They just won’t.
  2. The IRS does not email you. Yes, I know the header looks real and there are links to the actual IRS website in the email they sent.  But it is not legit.
  3. The IRS will not show up at your door without any prior contact. You will know there is an issue log before this happens.
  4. The IRS *might* call you; but only if you have ignored an avalanche of mail. Even in this instance; they will not ask you to pay cash, gift card, or even to cut a check to them.  Your payment should be sent to a processing center.

If you are contacted by any taxing authority you should begin by connecting with your tax preparer. Together you can discuss any potential issues and make a game plan for resolution.

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