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State of Michigan Minimum Wage Facts

February 11, 2016 This time of year payroll companies begin sending out notices to remind their clients to check on the local minimum wage laws. This task can be both confusing and frustrating. Navigating the State of Michigan Employer’s website is not for the faint of heart. A few facts to be aware of: • […]

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A reinvestment tip for businesses no longer paying MBT

A huge sigh of relief could be heard throughout Michigan when the Michigan Business Tax become a thing of the past. An interesting question is: What will you do with that estimated tax payment? Since you’re already used to making that payment, don’t just let it be absorbed into operations like it never existed. Carefully […]

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Do you need a payroll system recommendation?

It’s important to find a payroll system that is the right fit for your organization. We can help you evaluate plan choices and when it’s time to analyze whether you’re getting the most out of your payroll service plan, call (616) 530-7085 for a consult.

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Form 8928 — The IRS’s Newest Reporting Tool

The new health care reform laws we’ve heard so much about were primarily designed to improve transparency so that health care consumers and providers of benefits understand the true costs of health care and the importance of personal health responsibility. However, not everybody is aware that many businesses are required to complete self audits using […]

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Quick Tax Tip

Do you use your vehicle for your business? If so, you already know you need to track your  mileage. Additionally, the IRS will require you to “substantiate” your mileage. We have a quick tip to help you: One way to help build out your substantiation is through your oil change records. Each time you get your oil changed, the service station records your odometer and date. Next time you receive this, make […]

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