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A Beginners Guide To Opening Mail: Part One

You’ve filed your taxes and paid all tax due. Perhaps you’ve even received a refund.  Then on a mundane Friday afternoon you find a letter from the IRS tucked between your latest edition of Good Housekeeping and the water bill.  Your heart starts pounding and your palms begin to sweat.  Oh no!  You’re on their […]

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Calling the IRS

There are times where it will be necessary to call the IRS. When you have a simple matter (such as responding to an incorrect address on your records), it may not make sense to have your preparer fill out a power of attorney, wait for it to post to the central system and then make […]

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Sending Money

Fact: If you make money, you pay taxes. Most of the population has withholding on a paycheck and never has to actually send a check to the Federal or Local taxing authorities.  If you are in that camp, this note is not for you. If, however, you are self-employed, have investment earnings, or fall into […]

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The Human Calculator

It’s time that I come clean.  My name is Jamie, and I can’t do long sums in my head. It’s true; confession is good for the soul! As an accountant, there is an assumption that whenever people speak numbers, even in casual conversation, I am running a tab in my mind.  When a pause arrives, […]

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The IRS Doesn’t Need any More Music

This morning I watched a local news story in utter disbelief.  A couple was featured who had been scammed with yet another IRS Phishing scheme.  The fact that individuals devoid of morals would invoke the IRS in an attempt to fleece folks of their money was not what had me choking on my breakfast blend.  […]

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Health Insurance Credits: A Word of Caution

With the Affordable Care Act’s Insurance Exchange in effect; many are seeking a credit for premiums.  Few individuals, however, fully understand this credit and could be putting themselves in a position to owe on their 2015 Income Tax Returns. The “Premium Assistance Tax Credit” is calculated to reduce the amount that an individual or family […]

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